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Instruction is carried out by Claire Gordon (McDonald). Claire trained with international company Polestar Pilates in London. Polestar is renowned worldwide for its unique approach to problem solving by integrating movement science. Claire is one of the few teachers in Edinburgh qualified teach Polestar Pilates Matwork.

Claire has now completed her Polestar Comprehensive Studio training and is currently the only instructor in Edinburgh who holds both Polestar mat and studio qualifications. She is available for studio sessions which can be 121 session on the equipment or small groups (up to 4 people).

As well as running her own classes Claire also provides classes and workshops for various other health and fitness companies in and around Edinburgh.

She also provides Mat based classes in the work place. This is increasingly popular as employers are now starting to recognise the importance of staff well being. Its becoming more obvious that if you look after your staff and they feel good and well the number of sick days etc will decrease thus improving productivity.

” I go into various companies to provide classes for staff. I like to keep class numbers small so there are never any more that 10 people.  Its not just a class. We discuss the various postural problems that are caused by their job eg sitting at a desk all day, or standing all day or even their hobbies. We look at the problem and find solutions or small changes that can be made to help. Lunch time sessions are often busy, it gives people time   to relax and escape from work for an hour and leaves their time in the evening to themselves.  Its a challenge but its also very rewarding when you see an improvement in people”

Pilates is a unique body conditioning method which tones and strengthens muscles. It also improves posture and flexibility. We often pick up bad postural habits, Pilates helps to re-educate the body, through mind body connection. No muscle is over or under trained. Your entire musculature is evenly conditioned, helping you achieve your life style goals and play sport efficiently with less chance of injury.

The Pilates method is now being practiced by a wide range of fitness professionals working in sports and performing arts. It’s so safe, physiotherapists and other practitioners use it to support conditioning and rehabilitation programs.

Claire McDonald

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Claire Gordon (McDonald)

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