Meet our Instructors

Claire Gordon

Director of Blue Sky Pilates and Sweaty Betty Ambassador
Claire started Pilates in 2001 after the complicated birth of her third son which left her with back and hip pain. After practicing Pilates for 7 years she decided to train as an Instructor. Claire trained with Polestar Pilates and successfully completed her training in Matwork in 2007 and Studio pilates in 2011. Claire is also a fully accredited KCR (Kinetic chain release ) Practitioner. She has gone on to study Connective Tissue Release … FACIA and womens health with Hugh Gilbert.

Claire has continued to develop her knowledge of Pilates and Movement and had attended the following specialist training courses:

Spinal Surgeries and Fusions – Alastair Greetham – Polestar Pilates Educator
The Rotating Body – Liz Bussey – Polestar Pilates Educator
Pathokinesiology of the Lower Extremity – Alasdair Greetham – Polestar Pilates Educator
Pre Natal- Polestar Pilates- Bethia Hope Rollins- Polestar Pilates Educator
Post Natal- Polestar Pilates- Bethia Hope Rollins- Polestar Pilates Educator
Studio Circuit and reformer class- Shelly Power- Principle Educator Polestar Pilates
Stretch your mind and body with the combo Chair- Shelly Power-Principle Educator Polestar Pilates
Understanding Advanced Pilates Mat Exercises- Shelly Power-Principle Educator Polestar Pilates
How hard does Pilates have to be – Shelly Power- Principle Educator Polestar Pilates
How to gain Whole Body Health Through Pilates – Brent Anderson- President Polestar Pilates
Science Of Healthy Spine Movement In Pilates – Brent Anderson- President Polestar Pilates
Advance Reformer – Shelly Power- Principle Educator Polestar Pilates
Beyond the Repertoire Mat-Shelly Power- Principle Educator Polestar Pilates
Beyond the Repertoire Reformer- Shelly Power- Principle Educator Polestar Pilates
Tom Myers Anatomy Trains- Presented by James Earls

Other Qualifications all related to KCR – Please check out our section on KCR for more details

Accredited KCR Practitioner.
Connective Tissue Level 1 Practitioner
Womens Health Practitioner
Postural Energetics

Claire is also a fully trained Swedish massage therapist.

As well as Pilates Claire enjoys Running, SUP, Skiing, Snowboarding and has a keen interest in health and nutrition.

Fiona Carter

Fiona is a comprehensively trained Pilates (mat work and apparatus) and sits on the board of directors for the Pilates Foundation UK. Fionas Career in the health and fitness industry began 30 years ago when she trained as a personal trainer and sports massage therapist.

In 1999 she trained through Body Control Pilates Association with Lynne Robinson. Since then she has been fortunate to study various styles of pilates with many experiences and diverse teachers including Elizabeth Larkham in San Fransisco , Kelly Kane and Matt McCulloch in New York. Fiona is also a graduate of “The Kathy Grant Heritage Program” taught by Cara Reeser, Madeline Blacks “Centred Movement Practitioner Program” , Rebekah Rotations “Buff Bones’ and Gary Carters “Natural Bodies”

In addition to Pilates, Fiona has studied and taught a variety of movement modalities including Static Trapeze, Aerial Yoga, TRX, Gyrokinesis, Feldenkrais and Yamuna Body Rolling amongst others!! She brings all of this to her teaching and believes firmly that Pilates is never a one size fits all deal. She is passionate about demystifying how the body works empowering students to build awareness and confidence in their own body and movement practice.

As well as work Fiona enjoys walking her French Bulldog Pinkiebinky who has her own instagram page Pinkybinky_2015

Karen Rooney

Karen originally trained as a dancer at Edinburgh’s Telford College. Graduating with a BA(HONS) Degree in dance, Karen taught dance for a year then decided to train in Pilates. Karen complete he pilates training with Penny Meggison. Having done pilates throughout her dance training she knew the kind of benefits it provides. Karen has taught pilates since 2005 and has worked with the Heart of Midlothian football team, players from the Scotland rugby team as well as helping people with m.s, m.e, osteoporosis, arthritis and various other injury’s. Her real passion lies in pre and post natal pilates

Karen is also one of the few instructors in Edinburgh qualified in BarreConcept.

Colleen Bowen

Colleen started Pilates classes in 2008 as a way of improving her level of fitness. Colleens passion and enthusiasm for Pilates increased following the birth of her first son in 2012 and her time spent in the studio at Blue Sky Pilates. In 2015, Colleen commenced a comprehensive Polestar qualification in studio and mat, and is currently working towards her final exams. Colleen is particularly interested in Pilates for runners and pre and post natal.

Tereza Gobbi

Tereza Gobbi

Tereza did her comprehensive training with Polestar Pilates and qualified in 2014. She has worked in fitness and rehabilitation in both studios and clinics around London before moving up to Edinburgh. Although trained in contemporary pilates, she also worked in classically led pilates studios, adding a nice twist and versatility to her teaching method.

After seeing how poor posture and faulty movement patterns can lead to dysfunctions, muscle imbalance, localised or chronic pain and injury, using pilates and her additional training in functional anatomy and myofascial release she works on restoring the body’s muscular equilibrium thus alleviating long term issues or pain.

In addition she also holds a certification in Women Wellness for working with women prenatally and postnatally and a certification in Pilates and Exercise for Neurological Conditions for working with clients suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, MS and those recovering after a stroke.

Apart from being a proud anatomy and pilates nerd in her spare time she also does hiking, wall climbing, dancing, boxing and kickboxing.

Amanda XueHai


Amanda was born in Inner Mongolia, China and moved to The Netherlands when she was a teenager. She was first introduced to Classic Pilates during her dance education in Copenhagen. After dancing professionally for 7 years, she moved back to Amsterdam in 2016. To recover from her dance injuries, she took pilates classes with Amy Cox at The Movement Practise, where she discovered the BASI Pilates method. Through the guidance of Amy Cox, her body alignment improved and she regained her full body strength. Having experienced these benefits, Amanda decided to share it with others by becoming a pilates teacher. She completed her BASI comprehensive global teacher training in Amsterdam in June 2018 and is working towards her full certification.

Besides pilates, Amanda has also taken workshops in other relevant somatic approaches such as Gyrotonic, Feldenkrais and Body-Mind-Centering technique.

Teaching Statement:

“As a pilates teacher, I want to take my students on a body and mind journey through precise movement to find grace, strength and a touch of playfulness.”