We offer a variety of methods for you to enjoy Pilates.

One to One Sessions:

One-to-one sessions are for anyone who wants to take advantage of an entirely bespoke programme.

We suggest  one-to-one sessions initially for anyone with a  specific medical condition, injury or similar. This can prove especially effective for treating back problems, and sports injuries and post surgery.

Studio Sessions:

Studio Sessions  provide a personalised programme for you to work out with the full range of Pilates equipment. These sessions are ideal for those who have progressed from one to one sessions. Sessions are shared with other participants – maximum of 4 people per session. Your session will designed specifically for your needs. These sessions allow you to discover  your full movement potential but at a lower cost than Private session.

Reformer Classes:

A sequenced class on the reformer. This class will take you through a sequence of movements on the Pilates reformer ensuring every muscle group is evenly worked. Great for improving posture and creating an awareness in your body. The jump board can also be added to include a short cardiovascular workout.


This class is perfect for anyone with some Pilates experience who is looking for a high-intensity fitness based Pilates class. This class combines interval training to improve the cardiovascular system and burn fat along with intermediate and advanced levels of pilates.  This class is ideal for improving strength, cardiovascular fitness , and core stability… not for the faint hearted.. Not suitable for beginners or those with injuries.